Lavelle welcomes minor changes to improve the 25A & 25B services, but more improvements required!

December 4, 2011  

Cllr. William Lavelle, Fine Gael councillor for Lucan has this week welcomed minor changes by Dublin Bus to outbound 25, 25A & 25B bus services. However William is still seeking further changes to improve the 25A & 25B services Read more

Victory for community as council officials drop controversial plans to open-up of railings at Moy Glas & Griffeen Avenue

November 27, 2011  

Cllr. William Lavelle, Fine Gael councillor for Lucan has today welcomed the news that council officials have dropped controversial plans to open a permanent pedestrian link in the railings at the front of Moy Glas, onto Griffeen Avenue.

 Cllr. Lavelle who supported residents in opposing this move called it “another victory for the community”

 Cllr. Lavelle stated: “Moy Glas residents recently received letters from council officials seeking feedback on the ‘permeability’ proposal to open a permanent pedestrian link in the railings at the front of Moy Glas, onto Griffeen Avenue.

“I have been contacted by a large number of residents objecting to this proposal, given the real concerns that it would invariably lead to an increase in movement through Moy Glas by gangs of youths and related anti-social behaviour.

“Furthermore, as far back as the Lucan Area Committee Meeting of the 28th June and a Lucan Councillor Briefing Meeting of the 13th July, I had advised council officials that there would be strong objections from residents to this proposal. However officials instead chose to proceed with a public consultation.

“In response to the level of community opposition; and in line with my own original concerns, I tabled a motion for next week’s Lucan Area Committee meeting directing the Manager to drop these proposals.

“However in advance of that meeting I have now been advised that Council Management have agreed to drop these proposals.

Council seizes 16 horses from Newcastle Road lands following residents’ complaints

November 27, 2011  

Since the Summer William has been following-up on residents’ concerns regarding dangerous horse activity in the general vicinity of Newcastle Road and Finnstown. Residents had advised William that many of the horses which were being rode (in an unsafe manner) on Newcastle Road and in Finnstown were being kept on lands along the Newcastle Road near the former Polly-Hops pub. There were also concerns voiced about the welfare of these animals.

In response William requested the council to use its powers under the Control of Horses Act and Bye-Laws to investigate this matter and if necessary to seize unlicensed horses from these lands.

Last week William was briefed on the outcome of the council’s actions on foot of his requests; and can confirm that the council seized a total of 16 horses from these lands between 7th September and 14th November 2011.

Lavelle supports dogs park for Lucan

October 28, 2011  

Cllr. William Lavelle, Fine Gael councillor for Lucan has expressed his support for the provision of a dedicated dogs are in Griffeen Valley Park Lucan.

Cllr. Lavelle states: “I regularly receive complaints regarding dogs running loose in our public parks. Under council bye-laws dogs in parks must be kept on a leash.

“However I am generally supportive of dog-owners’ requests for a dedicated dogs area. I raised this matter at last months Lucan area committee meeting.

In response to William’s question the Parks Department advised:

“The Dog Wardens have also advised that the provision of a dog run would greatly assist them in the enforcement of the Bye-laws relating to the control of dogs in the park. To this end, the draft 2011 Park Bye-laws contain proposed new provisions, specifically providing for the designation of areas in public parks for use as dog runs.

“Following a recent review an area Griffeen Valley Park has been identified as an ideal location for the provision of a dog run.

“It is proposed, subject to securing the necessary resources, to proceed with this project later this year.

Lavelle secures reopening of Finnstown House-Adamstown pedestrian link

October 28, 2011  

William has warmly welcomed the positive deicison of the receiver appoinetd to Finnstown House Hotel to reopen the locked pedestrian gate between the hotel grounds and Adamstown following Cllr. Lavelle’s intervention.

The gate had been locked at the start of Summer at the behest of the court-appointed receiver to the Mansifield–owned hotel.

Cllr. Lavelle states: ”I had been contacted by a large number of Adamstown residents who previsouly used this gate to access the hotel and gym. It’s closure was a blow to many residents.

“I had discussions with hotel management and identifed concerns that existed over the potential creation of a legal right-of-way. I subsequently issued formal correspondance to the receiver clarifiying the legal position with respect to rights-of-way and requesting on behalf of residents that the gate be reopened.

“I am delighted that on foot of my intervention the receiver has now decided to reopen the gate between the hours of 6am and 10pm subject to regular review.. The hotel wrote to me this week (27th September) advising me of the decision which is most welcome.

Pedestrian Crossing for Griffeen Avenue

June 13, 2011  

Cllr. William Lavelle has welcomed the good news on his campaign to secure a pedestrian crossing on Griffeen Avenue outside Oldbridge estate.

William states: “Since my election two years ago I have been intensively campaigning to secure installation of a pedestrian crossing on Griffeen Avenue outside Oldbridge estate so as to improve pedestrian safety, in particular for the large numbers of children walking to Griffeen Valley Educate Together from Oldbridge, Rossberry, Tullyhall & Haydens Park estates.

I have repeatedly tabled this matter at area committee meetings and having initially failed to secure agreement of the Roads engineers, I begun pursuing this matter with the Planning Department who I asked to examine if ‘smarter travel’ funding from the National Transport Authority could be sourced to fund this crossing?

I am happy to report that council management have now finally accepted my proposal and as per my suggestion funding has been secured from the National Transport Authority as part of a broader programme of permeability initiatives.

The Griffeen Avenue crossing is listed a project no.1 and should therefore be installed during 2011. It is expected that the crossing will be located nearer to the Griffeen Centre.

I wish to also thank my colleague Minister Frances Fitzgerald for her superb assistance in directly lobbying the County Manager in support of this campaign

LATEST: Council management admit controversial high-rise planning application at Griffeen Avenue may never be built

April 11, 2011  

LATEST NEWS – 11th April:

At today’s council meeting, I tabled a motion seeking an update on the controversial development proposed by Shelbourne Developments to build over 800 high-density residential units on lands next to Griffeen Avenue subject to the Clonburris LAP. This proposal was granted planning permission in February by an Bord Pleanala despite a massive campaign of objections mounted by local residents and supported by me.

 In response to my motion, council management openly admitted (what we all already suspected) that this many planning permission MAY NEVER BE BUILT but that Shelbourne Developments were being given time to consider their options.

 I made clear at today’s council meeting that if Shelbourne Development advise that they are not to progress with this planning permission then I want the controversial Clonburris Local Area Plan to be revisited by councillors before they submit a new application.

 The current LAP was adopted in 2008 by the last council (of which I was not a member) and I have consistently argued that this masterplan was overly-ambitious having being prepared at the peak of the property boom, that it significantly understated the traffic impact and that it should never have allowed 6-storey buildings to be permitted right next door to existing two-storey housing.

I will not give up on my efforts to stop these unsustainable development proposals and as always I will keep you updated.



Lavelle appalled at Griffeen Avenue high-rise planning permission

Statement by Cllr. William Lavelle:

Bord Pleanala have today advised that they have GRANTED planning permission for over 800 units on a site owned by Shelbourne Developments at Griffeen Avenue, and forming part of the Clonburris Local Area Plan lands. Only one building near to the railway station has been omitted.

I am appalled and gutted by this planning decision.

It beggars belief that an Bord Pleanala could rule that locating 6-storey buildings next to two-storey housing would not be visually obtrusive or that this proposed development would not have any impact of traffic given even though the Clonburris masterplan admitted that the local road network is at capacity.

This bitter result comes some 12 months after both Frances Fitzgerald (now TD) and I lodged a joint appeal with an Bord Pleanala against South Dublin County Council’s decision to grant permission to Shelbourne Developments for 898 high-density units next to Oldbridge, on lands subject to Clonburris Local Area Plan.

At that time I was also happy to donate my professional expertise as an architect to lead the drafting of our community appeal to an Bord Pleanala. This appeal was lodged in the name of the ‘Combined Griffeen Planning Action Group’. This is a cross-community group established on foot of the first public meeting against this planning application which I convened back in April 2009.

In appealing this decision our concerns with the proposed development included:

  • This massive development should not have been considered whilst work on the nearby model town at Adamstown SDZ had stalled. We felt Clonburris would undermine Adamstown;
  • We considered the traffic impact to be understated as the planned high-densities are based on an overly-ambitious 67% target for pubic transport/walking/cycling at peak hours even though the public transport services are simply not there and indeed bus services have worsened in Lucan over recent years leading to previous Lucan bus-users returning to their cars;
  • Even on the understated traffic impact we will see hundreds of extra cars added to the local road network, even though the Strategic Environmental Assessment for the Clonburris LAP states that “The surrounding road network is at capacity.”;
  • 6-storey buildings are proposed right next to existing 2-storey suburban housing… no gradual height transition provided for;
  • Quiet, well-established cul-de-sacs in existing estates are to be knocked through to access the new development.

Unfortunately our concerns were not taken on board

Ultimately, the community of Lucan South is now paying a heavy price for very bad decisions taken by the 2004-2009 county council (of which I was not a member) in 2008 when the then councillors adopted the Clonburris Local Area Plan (LAP) effectively ignoring submissions made by many in the community (including myself – not yet a councillor) in which we raised concerns over traffic and building heights and requesting amendments to the draft LAP.

More critically this decision flows as a direct consequence of the highly-controversial land-swap agreed by councillors back in 2006 in which this site at Griffeen was sold to Shelbourne Developments in return for the council receiving land to build a park-&-ride in the Liffey Valley at Leixlip Road opposite Springfield Hotel.  However, Bord Pleanala subsequently rightly decided to REFUSE permission for the park & ride because of the environmental/heritage sensitivities of the Liffey Valley. Some of the same councillors to back the land-sway then objected the park-and-ride to an Bord Pleanala. Because of the precedent set by an Bord Pleanala decision it is unlikely that the council will now ever get to build on this land it received as part of land-swap.

In summary: Shelbourne will likely get to build over 800 apartments while the council get a green field on which they can build nothing. Now that the planning process had been concluded I will be seeking a full enquiry into this disastrous land-swap which in effects represented a scandalous hand-over of public assets to a private developer with no return!

It is these poor decisions by the last 2004-2009 council which sparked me to seek election to the council in June 2009.

I wish to sincerely thank all those who helped our campaign against this planning application.

My only hope now is that market conditions may mean that this over-ambitious proposal will never see the light of the day

Grand Canal Green Route wins prestigious LAMA award

January 25, 2011  

The Grand Canal ‘Green Route’ between Lucan’s 12th Lock and the Inchicore’s 3rd Lock has won the ‘Best Recreational Facility’ Award at the 2011 Local Authority Members Association Awards after being nominated for an award by Cllr. William Lavelle.

William states: “I’m delighted that this superb project has now been given national acclaim, This green route has opened-up the Grand Canal to many Lucan residents who would never have previously enjoyed this valuable amenity and the ‘green-route’ is now used daily by large number of walkers and cyclists. I would like to thank all the staff and officials from South Dublin County Council, Dublin City Council, the ESB and Waterways Ireland who worked on this inter-agency project. This project has proven a phenomenal success. It has opened-up the Grand Canal to many Lucan residents who would never have previously enjoyed this valuable amenity and the ‘green-route’ is now used daily by large number of walkers and cyclists.

“I look forward to the imminent extension of this ‘green-route’ to Griffeen Avenue including a new footbridge over the canal and a pedestrian crossing for Griffeen Avenue which I secured agreement and funding for last year as an add-on to the scheme.

The awards ceremony was held in the Crowne Plaza Hotel in Santry and was hosted by RTE’s Miriam O’Callaghan

Lavelle secures second new pedestrian crossing for Lucan Village

November 18, 2010  

Councillor William Lavelle has this week welcomed news that his long-standing request for the installation of a pedestrian crossing on Celbridge Road in Lucan Village in the vicinity of Lucan Garda Station and Primrose Lane has been finally agreed to and that funding had beee secured. This follows an agreement given to all councillors last month for installation of a pedestrian corssing in the village at La Banca. 

Cllr. Lavelle states: “At today’s meeting of the council’s Traffic Management Committee, I was advsied that my request for a crossing on Celbridge Road was being acceded to and that a source of funding had been identified from National Transport Authority and that a contractor will commence work in coming days.

“This comes on foot of a full year and a day of lobbying by me for this crossing as I first raised this matter during debate on a motion I tabled at the Lucan area committee meeting back on 17th November 2009.

“I have also been advised at today’s meeting that much-needed footpath repairs and improvments to traffic markings and road configuration in this area will also be progressed.

“I continue with my separate campaign to seek installation of a pedestrain crossing on Griffeen Avenue at Oldbridge and I have tabled a detailed question on this matter for next week’s Lucan area committee meeting.

Lavelle welcomes community victory as Bord Pleanala refuses Rosse Court take-away

October 28, 2010  

Cllr. William Lavelle, Fine Gael councillor for Lucan has this week welcomed the decision of Bord Pleanala to REFUSE planning permission for a proposed Chinese takeaway at Rossecourt Hall, overturning the initial decision of South Dublin County Council planners to grant planning permission.

 Cllr. Lavelle states: “Earlier this I joined with residents of Rosse Court in lodging an appeal to an Bord Pleanala against the decision by South Dublin County Council planners to grant planning permission for the proposed change of ground floor unit from shop to Chinese takeaway at Rossecourt Hall.

William states: “In our view this take-away would have led to serious problems of anti-social behaviour, odours, noise and parking all of which will have a significant detrimental impact of the residential amenity, public health and road safety of Rosse Court, in particular of those residents living immediately above the proposed take-away.

“We are delighted that this take-away has been refused permission. This is common-sense planning victory for the residents of Rosse Court and I am happy to have been able to lend my professional expertise as an architect and local councillor to help them win this fight

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