Lavelle welcomes progress in taking-of-charge of Larkfield and Mount Bellew estates

March 12, 2013  

Cllr. William Lavelle, local councillor for Lucan has welcomed progress in the taking-in-charge of both Larkfield and Mount Bellew estates, both of which will shortly be advertised for final taking-in-charge by South Dublin County Council

Larkfield and Mount Bellew were both developed by Fitzgibbons Bros.

William states: “Over recent years I have worked with residents to seek to progress the taking-in-charge of both Larkfield and Mount Bellew. “

In 2010, William helped secure the taking-in-charge of open spaces at Larkfield. However the taking-in-charge of roads and drains has since been delayed. Last April councillors were advised that the major barriers to taking-in-charge of Larkfield related to legal issues surrounding wayleaves. This remained the case for many months.

However last November William received information from the estate developer, Fitzgibbons Bros, advising that legal documentation had in fact been previously submitted.

William states: “On foot of this information I intervened with the council and between this and the proactive approach of Fitzgibbons, things began moving. Last week I received a letter from the council to advise that the process has been progressed to a stage where it will be advertised for taking-in-charge.”

At the same time, Fitzgibbons completed works in Mount Bellew including required CCTV surveys of the drainage system. This work has been completed to the satisfaction of the council and William was also advised last week that that the taking-in-charge of Mount Bellew is now also to be advertised.

William added: “I wish to thank both Fitzgibbons and the council for progressing these taking-in-charges. As local councillor I am delighted that we have been able to progress the completion of so many estates in recent times.”