Lavelle intervenes following disgrace of overflowing litter bins

November 12, 2013  

Statement by William:

Litter Bins - 540x400At present SDCC will not empty litter bins at the weekend. On Sunday 3rd November I observed three litter bins overflowing in Lucan Village. In one case, the area around the bin was heavily and disgustingly littered. See attached photo. I took photos of the overflowing litter bins and sent these to Council managers on Sunday evening. On the evening of Monday 4th November, I was contacted by John Kenny of Kennys Pub to advise that the bins were not emptied and the area not cleansed. John sent a further photo. See attached. I immediately rang the head of the SDCC Environmental Services to complain. On the following Tuesday morning, on foot of my intervention, three SDCC staff attended at 9.30am to empty bins and tidy the area. I am advised that the matter is still being investigated by SDCC management.

I further raised this matter at the November County Council meeting, where I made the following comments 

I find it very hard to explain why bins are not emptied on a Sunday. I find it much harder to justify why bins are not emptied on a Monday… and I find it absolutely impossible to explain why the areas around the bin were not swept given that Lucan Village is supposed to have a permanent hand-cart service. 

If it was not for the hard work of Lucan Tidy Towns, of which I am a volunteer member, Lucan Village would be a lot worse littered.

We spend a small fortune on council litter management services. But I do not believe we are getting either an effective or efficient service in return

Businesses who pay rates and residents who now pay their property tax expect better from their Council.

I commend Council management on their efforts to reform and improve service provision. It is regrettable that these efforts are meeting resistance (from unions).

 I called for introduction of weekend emptying of bins and a more flexible approach to using council resources and budgets to address litter blackspots.