Lavelle calls on bank-appointed Receiver to improve Dodsboro/ Paddocks boundary

February 28, 2014  

William Lavelle, local councillor for Lucan, has called on Grant Thornton to authorise the carrying of work to provide a more attractive boundary treatment between the undeveloped lands south of ‘The Paddocks’ and Dodsboro Road/Tandys Lane. Grant Thornton are the Receivers appointed by the banks to manage ‘The Paddocks’ development and lands which were previously owned by Mapelwood Developments. 

Paddocks-Dodsboro 540x400

William stated: “Residents in Dodsboro are fed-up having to look out at this unsightly boundary which comprises ramshackle and falling-down metal railings fronting an unfinished building site.”

William has previously called on the Council to seek to use it powers to force the receiver to improve the boundary. However in response to a motion which William tabled at last October’s meeting of the Lucan Area Committee, council officials reported that “attractive boundary treatments to Dodsboro Cottages and Tandy’s lane are beyond the boundaries of the envisaged taking-in-charge areas and are in areas which are the subject of current live Planning Permissions. Accordingly we, SDCC, cannot force the Developer to carry out works here.”

William stated: “I intend to intensify pressure on the receiver to try to sort out this boundary issue once and for all.”

William has tabled the following motion which will be discussed at the Lucan Area Committee this coming Tuesday:

“That this Area Committee requests the Manager to formally write, on behalf of this Committee, to Mr. Paul McCann of Grant Thornton (in his role as the Receiver appointed to manage the former Maplewood lands at Adamstown SDZ) to ask if he would agree to authorising works in response to the long-standing requests from the residents of Dodsboro Cottages and from this Committee for a more attractive boundary treatment between the undeveloped lands south of The Paddocks and Dodsboro Road/Tandys Lane; and to further advise Mr. McCann that members of this Committee are available to meet with him on-site to further discuss this matter.”

In response to William’s motion, Council officials agreed to contact the Receiver and to support my request.