Lavelle secures heights restriction for Vincent Byrne site

May 22, 2016  

palmerstown-high-riseSouth Dublin County Council have AGREED to William’s proposal to amend the County Development Plan 2016-2022 to include a Specific Local Objective be included, applying to the former Vincent Byrne site in Palmerstown, at the junction of the R148 & Kennelsfort Road, which is zoned ‘VC’, as follows: “To preserve the character of Palmerstown Village by limiting any future development on this site which is the subject of new applications to three storeys in height; and two storeys where it backs or side onto adjoining two storey housing.”

In 2008, William joined with local residents in objecting the current planning permission on the site for 6-7 storey buildings. The proposed development, as garnet permission, is now widely considering unbuildable.

William called that previous proposal: “over-scaled and excessively high development” ands as a “hangover from the ‘Celtic Tiger’ boom years”
This new objective which William secured agreement for will mean that if and when a new planning application is submitted for the Vincent Byrne site, then the maximum building height will be three storeys and two storeys where it backs or side onto adjoining two-storey housing.

The new objective has been welcomed by local residents.