Lavelle welcomes minor changes to improve the 25A & 25B services, but more improvements required!

December 4, 2011  

Cllr. William Lavelle, Fine Gael councillor for Lucan has this week welcomed minor changes by Dublin Bus to outbound 25, 25A & 25B bus services. However William is still seeking further changes to improve the 25A & 25B services

William states: “I have been advised by Dublin Bus managers that as of December 4th, there will be a change to the outbound journeys of routes 25/A/B services. They will now operate via Baggot Street Lower and Pembroke Street. 

“This change will eliminate the significant delays encountered on Fitzwilliam Street approaching the traffic light at Leeson Street. This revision will hopefully improve journey times and the interval consistency between departures which has been a significant matter of concern among evening bus-users.

“However further changes are still required to improve the 25A & 25B services.

“I recently conducted an assessment of timetables before and after the Network Direct changes which clearly show that prior to the Network Direct changes there were 16 of the old 25A & 25X services leaving the Lucan South area in the peak-hour morning period between 7:10am & 8:10am. However there are now only 12 of the new 25A & 25B services doing likewise.

“Dublin Bus has sought to reject my analysis of timetables claiming that the comparison was not accurate as four of the pre-Network Direct departures to which I referred did not service the Willsbrook area. However these four departures still served the area of Lucan south of the N4 – hence we are still down four buses in that peak-hour period!

William has also questioned Dublin Bus’s assertion that extra buses were not recently added to the 66X route In an email to councillors on September 20th, Dublin Bus were “pleased to announce” revised timetables which, in their own words, highlighted “an increase in 66X trips departing from the City Centre”.

William stated: “Dublin Bus should clarify this ‘spin’! However one thing is for sure, services to Lucan South & Lucan Village did not benefit from announcements on increased trips.

William concluded: “Last week I discussed this matter with Minister for Transport Leo Varadkar.

“Finally I wish to thank all those bus-users who contacted me in support of my stance on Dublin Bus. As a regular bus-user I am only too well aware of the increased pressures on the service and I will continue to stand up for Lucan commuters.

NOTE: Morning Bus Services 7:10am- 8:10am

Pre-Network Direct


25A – 5 buses leaving Lucan South






25X – 11 buses leaving Lucan South  

7:10 from Adamstown

7:25 from Foxborough

7:35 from Esker Church

7:35 from Griffeen Avenue

7:35 from Adamstown

7:42 from Esker Church

7:45 from Griffeen Avenue

7:50 from Griffeen Avenue

7:55 from Adamstown

7:55 from Esker Church

8:00 from Griffeen Avenue



Post-Network Direct 

25A – 6 buses leaving Lucan South







 25B – 6 buses leaving Lucan South