Lavelle secures works to reinstate Grand Canal tow-path

February 14, 2012  

Cllr. William Lavelle, Fine Gael councillor for Lucan has secured agreement from Waterways Ireland for works to reinstate the Grand Canal tow-path west of the 12th Lock.

Cllr. Lavelle states: “Last year I received numerous complaints from Lucan residents over the very poor state of reinstatement works along the tow-path west of the 12th Lock following earlier works to install underground cables. Initial responses to residents from Waterways Ireland stated that due to the cabling works “damage to the towpath was unavoidable. It has however now been almost fully reinstated…” This response angered residents who felt the reinstatement works were unsatisfactory

“However at my request Waterways Ireland officials agreed to hold an on-site meeting in November with the contractor to review the reinstatement works.

“On foot of this meeting, I have now been advised by Waterways Ireland that “at this meeting various further reinstatement works were agreed to by the contractor. Some of this has now been completed but the wet stretch in question between the 12th lock and Hazelhatch has not yet been completed. To do so with the ground in its current wet state would cause damage to other parts of the towpath. This will be completed when the weather dries up in Spring.”

Cllr. Lavelle added: “I look forward to seeing these works completed as I’m sure will the many Lucan residents who walk this very picturesque stretch of the Grand Canal. I wish to thank Waterways Ireland for their proactive response to my intervention on this matter.