Lavelle secures council order for demolition of anti-social blackspot

May 7, 2012  

Cllr William Lavelle, Local Councillor for Lucan has this week welcomed the news that on foot of his initiative, South Dublin County Council has issued orders under dangerous buildings legislation requiring the demolition of the derelict hayshed structure on the Coolamber site at Finnstown and requiring the permanent closing-up of a gap in railings at the rear of the site facing the residential area of Finnsview

Cllr. Lavelle acted on foot of repeated local problems of anti-social behaviour resulting from gangs of youth and adults walking trough Finnstown to enter the site by way of the gap in railings and drinking parties under the cover of the hayshed.

Cllr Lavelle stated: “Back in 2010 I secured council action under the Derelict Sites Act to tidy-up the Coolamber site and to close-off former access points. Unfortunately since then we had run into legal constraints limiting further action under the Derelict Sites Act.

“However I had not given up as I have been very aware of the problems associated with the site and I have had to personally intervene to secure Garda action on certain occasions and in recent weeks there had been increasing reports of young children wandering on to the site playing on piles of rubbles raising serious safety concerns.

“As a result I commenced a new effort at council level to invoke powers under dangerous buildings provision contained in the little-known 1964 Sanitary Services Act to seek action to resolve the serious health and safety issues arising from the current easy access to the site.

“I have now been advised by senior council management that on foot of my initiative the council has issued legal orders to the landowner requiring the demolition of Coolamber hayshed and permanent closure of the gap in railings at Finnsview.

“While warning letters were previously issued, this is the first time that legal orders under the legislation have issued so hopefully this will make a real difference ahead of the Summer.