Another victory for the community as Griffeen Centre takeaway is refused

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Cllr. William Lavelle and Minister Frances Fitzgerald have welcomed the decision by An Bord Pleanala to refuse planning permission for a controversial proposed takeaway at the Griffeen Centre follwoing their joint appeal along with the Griffeen Glen Residents Association, individual residents and local businesses. The campaign was also supported by Cllr. Emer Higgins and local schools in the area.

 “This decision represents a big win for local residents. A takeaway being developed right next to a school and youth café would have had very serious negative consequences for local children. This is yet another example of inappropriate developments being granted permission by the Council and I am very pleased that An Bord Pleanala have upheld our appeal and overturned the Council’s decision,” said Fitzgerald.

This decision comes in the wake of the Council’s decision not to grant permission for a takeaway at a nearby store in Foxborough and the refusal of two similar takeaway applications at Rosscourt. Minister Fitzgerald went on to pay tribute to the energetic local campaign mounted by residents and residents associations in the area on this issue.

“I would like to thank all the residents in the Griffeen area who ran such a successful campaign on this. I also acknowledge the work of local Councillors, particularly William Lavelle, who worked very hard on this issue. This decision was a victory for the community. A granting of permission would not have been in the best interests of either the local environment or residents and I am glad that An Bord Pleanala recognised that, despite the Council’s failure to take on board what local residents and businesses were saying,” continued Minister Fitzgerald.

“The decision by An Bord Pleanala to uphold our review was primarily on the basis that this application was contrary to Policy S16 of the Planning Authority which states that the provision of restaurants and takeaways will be strictly controlled. This decision vindicates the policy objectives adopted by local Councillors. At a national level I am continuing to work closely with Minister Jan O’Sullivan T.D. on new national planning guidelines that could restrict the provision on new take aways close to schools and youth facilities,” concluded Fitzgerald.

Cllr. William Lavelle also welcomed the decision citing it as a ‘hat trick of local planning victories’.

“I am delighted to be able to support yet another victory for proper planning in Lucan. This decision by An Bord Pleanala marks a hat trick of refusals in the Lucan area which will help make Lucan a healthier residential environment,” said Cllr. Lavelle.

 “In our appeal we contend that this proposed takeaway represents an over-intensification of takeaway usage at the Griffeen Centre which is zoned residential.  As a result this development would have had a significant detrimental impact of the residential amenity of the area in particular of the Griffeen Glen Boulevard residential area through compounding the existing problems of traffic, noise, litter and general disturbance as well as having had an overly-negative impact on the heath and well-being of the local community; and in particular of children. This decision is a victory for our area,” concluded Cllr. Lavelle.